Our Motto

                "Busy B's Childcare, where we're never too busy to stop and smell the roses."



Hello! I am Ms. Jenny Brown, the lead teacher in our 3-4 year olds room, which also serves as one of our preschool classes. I look forward to learning and exploring along with my students this year and have many exciting events planned! I believe strongly that children learn best by doing rather than listening, and so we will be going on several trips this year to locations such as a local pumpkin patch, Huber's Farm, the Post Office, and our local theater. We will be engaged in activities such as drama, art, language arts, mathematics, and much more! I am also pleased to announce that we have recently purchased a Smartboard and iPads for the children to interact and learn with. We will take advantage of this technology to go on virtual field trips around the world and communicate with sister schools across the nation.


I look forward to communicating with you and your children as we go on this journey of exploration together. Please feel free to contact me at:




phone:  (270) 123-4567